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Tropical Leaves

Projects in Development

The Silver Beaver Ranch

Madam Castor manages her "Girls" in the daily 

Where There's a Will

Board Game magnate and multi-millionaire, Bradly Milton, has died leaving his vast fortune to his several misfit children. His “Will” states that they must all compete for his millions in seven, acre sized board games that he has constructed on his Milton Estate.  against one another for one week for their share of the wealth; causing them to re-examine their relationships and values.

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The Dark Passage Home

Charismatic Brazilian, Carlos, promises upcoming Nigerian dancer Maniki a life of glamor and stardom only to enslave her and other girls in an international ring of slaves and drugs. Her friend Mesembe's determination to find her leads him from Nigeria to Brazil and Venezuela and he must confront a vicious Drug Lord to free her. 


Tangled Spirits

Single mother Christy desperately fights for the return of the spirit of her 7-year-old son Travis after he and four other recently deceased people are revived. A rogue comet has tangled their ascending spirits in the stratosphere and thrust them back to Earth in the wrong bodies. Christy must deal with forces that challenge her very beliefs to save Travis.

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